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Hey my name is [REDACTED] and this is my hentai/porn blog. Fetishes include but are not limited to; loli, sumata, zettai ryouiki, tentacles, nakadashi, anal play, biting, master/servant roleplay, ahegao, lactation, x-rays, leg locks, pantyhose pulls, ashikoki with footwear, egg-laying, futa, and softcore gore and pee. However, for the sake of my followers, I keep the last three to a minimum. This blog runs on a really slow queue.



clip of me fucking my pussy with a dildo 

  • i’d recommend turning up the volume

submitted to audiopleasures by bigguyslittlegirls


this is my first “short film”! 
heh, 12 hours of continuous operation, 102 frames 
but I did it!
here’s the full version, eats tumbler full image(

[NaPaTa] Ever Since Then


masters-littleone: […] here is the audio of me using my hitachi. This all literally happened about 40 minutes ago hehe. If you thought I was loud with my bullet.. you have another thing coming lol. I came very very very hard.. screamed… squirmed.. everything. You can even hear my nipple clamp chain a little bit in it ;)

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